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Matka Satta Results: The Indian Lottery Game

Matka Satta, the Indian lottery game results was founded during the independence era. The game was simple. It became hugely popular due to its simple rules and the fact that anyone from any economic background could join in and play the game! The game is called Matka Satta because chits containing numbers were kept in an earthen jar, called Matka, from where they were drawn.

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DATE:- 18/08/2020

Update Time

12:30pm to 01:30pm


O2C:- 4-2-5-8

PANA:- 220-110-140-350

JODI :- 42-47-25-20-58-53-84-89


Aaj Kya Pass hua:-


O2C:- 4-6-8-0

PANA:- 130-240-260-370

JODI:- 46-41-68-63-80-85-04-09


Aaj Kya Pass hua:-


O2C:- 1-5-7-9

PANA:- 470-230-250-450

JODI:- 15-10-57-52-79-74-91-96


Aaj Kya Pass hua:-

Free Games

DATE:- 18/08/2020

Update Time

07:00pm to 08:00pm


O2C:- **

PANA:- **

JODI :- **


Aaj Kya Pass hua:-


O2C:- **

PANA:- **

JODI:- **


Aaj Kya Pass hua:-

Main Ratan

O2C:- **

PANA:- **

JODI:- **


AJJ KA Pass hua:-



Milan day

137 x 12 x 778

Rajdhani day

380 x 12 x 246


790 x 61 x 236

Milan night

256 x 6

Rajdhani night

249 x 5

Main Ratan

249 x 5



Old - 24 >>  new -  33


Old - 94 >>  new - 09


Old - 12 >>  new - **


Old - 68 >>  new -  **

Passing Records

Best Matka Results for You

Anyone who guessed the right combination of numbers would win the lottery! The Matka result would be declared every day and the winner would win a lot of cash to take home!

Earlier cotton used to be transmitted from the London cotton exchange to the Bombay cotton exchange and there used to be opening and closing rates of cotton. Now Satta Matka was founded on this opening and closing rates of cotton. Bets were placed on this opening and closing rates and whoever guessed the right rates would win the lottery fair and square.

Matka King

But was it that was to win the game? Yes, the game was very easy to play. The game’s rules were so simple that anyone from rich to poor, educated to uneducated to play the game and take away some cash home. There were no bars to who could take part in the game and who could not. This is one of the main reasons why the industry boomed after the independence of India. The Satta bazaar saw a heavy influx of gamblers visiting day and night to place their bets and then returning to take back their earnings.

The industry was at its peak during the 80 and the 90s. It is reported that the industry had a turnover of crores, which is no easy feat. But somewhere during the time while it was booming, the cotton transmission from London to Bombay was stopped and the Satta Matka lottery game was tweaked a bit to keep it going. Once the transmissions stopped, the game did not stop, instead, bets were then placed on cards and numbers. People were required to choose from numbers one to ten and then wait to see if they got the winning number or not. But soon the Industry suffered a severe blow once the police raided the Satta bazaar and stopped the gambling circuits.

Satta Bazaar

But with the advent of the internet, as we are stepping into a new century, online Satta bazaar platforms have been cropping up. These online platforms bring the feel of the same old Satta Matka game but in a virtual sense. The rules are the same but instead of visiting the satta bazaar, you are visiting the Satta Matka online platform where you can view the results and also interact with the community members.

Some sites even have dedicated guidelines and tips for amateur Satta Matka players who are stepping into the gambling world for the first time. Follow these guidelines to make sure you do not end up losing too much money and end up dejected. Start out slow, place small bets, this ensures that you do not lose much, even if you lose the bet!

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What is Satta Matka Game?

There are several of you needing forward to know regarding SattaMatka. Here, we are inclined to confront step going to discuss it through a elaborated way to put in simple words, SattaMatka or Indian Matka is accepted under consideration a sort of gambling. It is becoming quite stylish and others place unit enjoying it in a oversized scale. Within a quick period of some time, it has grabbed many achievement in the forefront. Inside specified time, the popularity of the game has attained to next degree.

The ideal problem is that this sport has been vie in a kind of completely different parts of the nation or overseas. And it is sufficient to tell however this match is getting trendy within an oversize scale. Discussing regarding the inspiration of the sport, it was launched by a private especially Kalyanji Bhagat. He was the main person introduced this match into light-weight. And this match said as Indian Matka Sport has obtained Brobdingnagian quality with this particular forefront. After the 19 Sixties, this match was introduced over the 19 Seventies from the title of KalyanMatka.

Furthermore, within the calendar year 1990, it really becomes among the foremost powerful and very fashionable sports. People love this game because they will try their fortune. Once annually, a lot of men and women are making a try this game and revel in this particular game. The top problem is that we have a tendency to any or all apprehend that Matka could be an incredibly fashionable sport of gaming. And it is wide trendy game revolving across the choice of fortune and you’ve got obtained spoken.

What Makes Something Popular?

There are several games accessible to undertake. However, Kalyan Matka has surfaced because of the most accessible one. India’s most exciting sport of opportunity is here to allow you to go mad. You’ll truly enjoy it due to its crucial facets. If you would want to make cash quick and rate then you’d love to settle it. You will certainly have tonnes of pleasure in combination with earning money quickly.

Kalyan Matka has been taken into consideration India’s most passionate sport of opportunity. Kalyan Matka was launched in Mumbai plus it has received lots of recognition within a fast period of some moment. That why this sport is called Kalyan Matka. Indian Kalyan Satta Matka includes accurate open and closed times. Moreover, its information is also keep renewed whenever in our site

Speaking about the outcomes of Kalyan Mattaas it pertains double throughout every day. This effect’s considered with two titles, it is thought of as Open and shut. The timing of this Kalyan Open begins from 4.15 pm and so the period of welfare closing involves 6.15. This means you’ll have a superb time together with your loved ones and friends.

Prominent Types

Here, the notable kinds are being clarified within an in depth manner. Permit us to see out it everything and catch more info.

  • Matka: you will wonder why it is named Matka.This phrase also derives from Hindi also it means earthen pot within years past Such pots were used to draw amounts and make it all about simple to count. You’ll discover this word somewhat bizarre. However, now people must get used to the name and appreciating this title.
  • Single: Select your lucky number and perform your sport to have lots of pleasure and excitement.

  • Panna/Patti: It’s a couple of three digit response which comes as gambling result and so the cleverest thing is that each one three-digit amounts are Patti/Panna however, you are going to follow just restricted three digit numbers are utilized and this enriches the degree of the match.

  • Pair/Jodi: You will decide on any set of digits between 00 and 99 between in Matka. You’ll have a Jodi set to enjoy heaps.

  • Open/Close Result: You will not understand but the outcomes of Matka gambling is divided into two elements.

  • Furthermore, the first component is taken into consideration the open outcome and so the second element is referred to as a comprehensive outcome. This can be often why it is known as two components of close outcomes. You’ll have a superb encounter whilst enjoying with it.

    Why does Everyone Loving to Online Satta Matka Game?

    You may be wondering exactly what makes this match full of demand. The only issue is that you simply will have anotherlevel of expertise you haven’t had. Tou will be in a position to have lots of excellent experience. You’ll discover that it is slightly bizarre but folks are enjoying this sport that entire world is active in enjoying this game with loads of interest. You’ll find here a legion of gamers much to this match. The only issue is that the entire world is playing with Satta Matka Today with appreciating tons and the notable explanation is that online sites have made possible to appreciate such games so readily. You are don’t have to have an opportunity out of your job or set your job on grip. You will easily take pleasure in the sport whenever you would like.

    It’s possible to create an honest chunk of cash readily and hence the prominent explanation is that folks are enjoying this sport heaps. With a fast period of some moment, the prevalence of the game has grown to some superb level. The major principal reason online sites for Matka Sport is becoming popular with the outsized scale is that you simply are going to have superb knowledge in combination with earning a fair chunk of cash.

    It’s all up to you manners much you would want to wager. It’s a reliable site and you’ll have excellent outcomes. You are don’t have to go confused because that which is transparency . We think which makes you joyful and satisfied all of the time. The prevalence of the game is rising day by day. The ration of gamers in raising on a level that is great. You may need here the exceptional facilities that explains the reason why people always opt for this over other choices. You will not ever feel tired as soon as you pick us for this match.

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