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If you know a little about Matka Gambling, you are expected to aware of the risk factor in the game. Though skill plays an important role in the game, there is no denying that luck is the driving factor for consistent success. So, here is a couple of dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind while playing dpboss matka. Never gamble a huge amount of money in dpboss. Emphasize on loss recovery rather than winning every time. If you are playing in the first place, always approach slowly and steadily. Be cool while playing the game, and avoid fraud websites.

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DATE:- 11/08/2020

Update Time

12:30pm to 01:30pm


O2C:- 4-2-5-8

PANA:- 220-110-230-350

JODI :- 42-47-25-20-58-53-84-89


Aaj Kya Pass hua:-


O2C:- 4-6-8-0

PANA:- 130-240-350-370

JODI:- 46-41-68-63-80-85-04-09


Aaj Kya Pass hua:-


O2C:- 1-5-7-9

PANA:- 470-230-160-270

JODI:- 15-10-57-52-79-74-91-96


Aaj Kya Pass hua:-

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DATE:- 11/08/2020

Update Time

07:00pm to 08:00pm


O2C:- 9-0-7-4

PANA:- 180-280-340-220

JODI :- 90-95-07-02-74-79-49-44


Aaj Kya Pass hua:-


O2C:- 3-1-2-0

PANA:- 120-128-480-370

JODI:- 31-36-12-17-20-25-03-08


Aaj Kya Pass hua:-

Main Ratan

O2C:- 4-6-7-8

PANA:- 112-330-340-440

JODI:- 46-41-67-62-78-73-84-89


AJJ KA Pass hua:-



Milan day

467 x 78 x 134

Rajdhani day

190 x 02 x 688


790 x 60 x 145

Milan night

279 x 87 x 160

Rajdhani night

240 x 65 x 780

Main Ratan

668 x 07 x 269



Old - 45 >>  new -  24


Old - 44 >>  new - 70


Old - 42 >>  new - 89


Old - 87 >>  new - 05

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